Covid-19 Statement

Port-Lite LLC COVID-19 Statement

Thank you for visiting our site.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to put a strain on our industry in both positive and negative ways.  We are proud to be a part of the positive impacts as we struggle through the negative ones.  It is exciting to see so many families returning to the great wilderness and the solitude, excitement and safety that it offers.  This resurgence of interest in all things outdoorsy along with the pressures of stay-at-home mandates and continued outbreaks around the world has taken a toll on our industry, especially on smaller companies like ours.

We are working tirelessly to respond to the influx of inquiries and ask for your patience as our response times are not as quick as we would like. We have halted expansion plans and instead have modified our shop to ensure a more efficient workflow can be achieved.  We are in production and taking orders for delivery 2022 & 2023.  Some of our suppliers are still finding it difficult to keep up with demand due to material shortages and shipping delays, so we are unable to firmly state product completion dates.  Pricing during the pandemic has fluctuated dramatically in several material areas, and we are managing to absorb some of that cost to keep our prices reasonable. We are working closely with our suppliers to gauge when our orders need to be placed in order to meet our delivery goals. We are working diligently and responsibly to get you and your families away from COVID-19 epicenters and into the great adventures you are seeking.

We are truly grateful for your patronage and patience as we work to provide you the best product and service that you deserve.

Chris & Claudine Audy

Sept 2021