About Us

Our focus is to build affordable, lightweight, durable campers to withstand the demands of the outdoor enthusiast by getting back to basics with a few modern conveniences. Our composite construction and our marine and aerospace components assure that you will not have to worry about the “rig” just the journey ahead!

Who is this guy?

Chris Audy - Port-Lite
Chris Audy – Owner

Chris has a lengthy history of building skills that date back to childhood. His carpentry skills were taught by his grandfather, mechanics and welding began at vocational school, electronics and rigging were learned on the job, and design and engineering were self-taught or mentored.  His composites education is ongoing as the industry and laws governing it change.  He spent two years at The Landing School in Maine learning boat building skills.  He helped establish their Composites Program in 2007 and built many of the tools they use today. Chris then went to Hodgdon Yachts as their lead composite technician where he built many modern, high-end vessels from 9’ to 83’ in length using the most modern materials and methods available until he was called back to The Landing School.  He spent the next seven years growing the Composites Program and supplying the industry with top-notch composite technicians who have sought exciting careers building boats, helicopters, wind turbines and even spacecrafts.

Prior to boatbuilding, Chris was working in all facets of the entertainment industry. His vast knowledge of systems was born from his field experience here and honed over the years in practical circumstances/situations. However, he focused his energy on the physics of live event rigging and mastered his understanding of the complexities of the structural integrity of materials and objects while designing and constructing permanent installations at major event facilities.  He was a natural, fearlessly respectful rigger due to his love of rock climbing, taking every opportunity to escape to the mountains and revel in the wilderness.

In his spare time, Chris has spent the better part of three decades caving, climbing, snowboarding and ice-climbing across the country.  From early childhood Chris has been camping in all types of outdoor shelters from his very first adventure at age 2 traveling from Florida to Massachusetts in a Westphalia outfitted by his dad to today in his own Port-Lite Expedition One Prototype.  Today, Chris is still called upon to consult, teach and repair composites in the marine industry.  But as an avid land-based adventurer, Chris decided to combine his love of the outdoors with his desire to build, and so created Port-Lite, LLC.  It is his intention to take the marine composites technology and experience into the “overland” market.  This small, family owned and operated business strives to make outdoor adventures more attainable, more comfortable and more efficient for our likeminded customers who wish to spend more time outside and less time maintaining their shelter.