How It's Made

The camper composite production process

Infusing half of the shell mold.

It starts with a mold

The exterior finish is sprayed in the mold

A coat of chopped glass & resin is sprayed to create a water barrier

Fiberglass is cut & fit into the mold to start the structural layers

1” PET Core of varying densities is placed strategically to add strength & insulation

More fiberglass completes the structural makeup of the shell. The parts get bagged, vacuumed & resin injected next.

The result is a 1 1/8” thick shell with no mechanical fasteners

The two parts are aligned using the sacrificial flange

The seam is filled with a structural adhesive from the inside

The flange is removed & both the inside & outside seams are covered with fiberglass & resin

The seam is gel-coated, sanded & polished to match the rest of the shell

No mechanical fasteners = beautiful lines & structural integrity

The interior is made up of several vacuum infused flat panels that are 1/2” thick

The panels are cut & fit into the shell

The beautiful lines on the outside are mimicked flawlessly on the inside

Once all the panels are fit, they are bonded to the shell with structural adhesive

It’s a lifestyle that consumes us

Beautiful things made in old places one at a time by hand